Dead Mall

Dead or dying retail spaces.

Century III Mall

The general lack of photographs for Century III Mall was far from intentional. Shortly after my arrival, mall security informed me that photography was not permitted. Strangely enough, I couldn’t seem to find any trace of any signs indicating this, despite actively looking for them during my departure. The fact that Century III’s best days […]

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ShoppingTown Mall

This mall has the distinction of losing 45 tenants within the span of one year. It was purchased by Moonbeam Capital Investments in 2014 and as of January 2020, is currently caught up in a battle between a bankruptcy filing and being seized by Onondaga County due to Moonbeam’s failure to pay $9.7 million in

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Charlestowne Mall

I was aware that Charlestowne Mall was scheduled to close on December 1, 2017 and was fortunate enough to have been able to pay it a visit about a week or so beforehand. The center court was quite striking, with its massive skylights and glass elevator, as was the food court, which also featured an

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Signal Hill Mall

At the time of this visit, Signal Hill’s distinctive center court fountain was still operating. Its peak store occupancy during the 1990s was 42, but that number has since dwindled down to 6. Although fairly compact in size and layout, the mall features some interesting vintage facades, label scars, and design elements that made it

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Forest Fair Village/Cincinnati Mills

I’ve always been a fan of Mills Corp’s uniquely whimsical aesthetics. As such, Forest Fair Village is a veritable case study in Mills design. From its gleaming hardwood floors to its surreal, artistically-inspired accent features, there are treasures waiting around every corner. The mall’s condition continues to impress as well, especially considering its extremely low

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