Dead Mall

Dead or dying retail spaces.

Westgate Mall

This post comes one day after the announcement that current owner JT Klein is set to demolish this property and construct a major new mixed-use facility in its place. The mall had previously been owned by grocery chain Hy-Vee, who also maintains a location nearby. Like many early malls, Westgate Mall opened in 1960 as […]

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Ashtabula Towne Square

Ashtabula Towne Square has the distinction of being substantially nicer – and livelier – on the inside than I had been expecting. Yes, there were plenty of vacant storefronts to confirm the fact that this property was far from thriving, but the high ceiling running through the food and center courts, along with a unique

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Mountaineer Mall

If you’re a fan of vintage retail aesthetics, visiting Mountaineer Mall in Morgantown, West Virginia is like opening a time capsule. From its brass rail fittings to its mirrored ceiling fixtures, you won’t have to look very hard to see 70s and 80s design in every direction. Where many malls receive at least minor updates

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Chapel Hill Mall

Originally positioned to be Akron’s first indoor mall, Chapel Hill lost that distinction to nearby Summit Mall. The property features three anchor locations, previously occupied by Sears, Macy’s, and J.C. Penney. In early 2020, J.C. Penney announced that it would be closing, leaving the mall anchorless. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated statewide

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Johnstown Galleria

This property was the last stop on a lengthy road trip, and I had briefly considered skipping it altogether. I’m so glad perseverance and dedication to the cause won out! Much like Charlestowne in Illinois, this mall was a visual treat. Angled corridors, an abundant use of skylights, and a relatively updated aesthetic made it

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Fort Steuben Mall

I find it endlessly amusing in the current retail climate that so many malls continue to promote themselves as being “one stop destinations.” Is there such a thing anymore in the brick and mortar world? Do these centers truly believe that they are able to live up to this claim when half (or more) of

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Eastgate Mall

Eastgate Mall lies due east of Cincinnati proper, just off the I-275 beltway. The story of this property originally offered a tiny ray of hope among its peers, as it seemed to be one of those rare survivors, able to hold on despite a plethora of opposing factors. I wouldn’t say it was thriving by

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Midway Mall

When it comes to disguising or downplaying the evidence that a given mall might be struggling to fill its leasable space, the vast majority seem distinctly unconcerned. Midway Mall in Elyria proved to be a notable exception to that trend. Through a combination of eye-catching panoramic murals and storefront displays consisting of furniture, greenery, and

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Sandusky Mall

According to its current owner (Cafaro Company), this mall seems to be following in the footsteps of so many other dead or dying malls throughout the country in that it is being redeveloped into a mixed-use property. It still has its JCPenney – at least for now – along with a Hobby Lobby, Books-a-Million, and

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The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

This was the last Mills Corporation mall to be built in the United States, and it’s the only one here that isn’t owned or managed by Simon Property Group. In proper Mills Corp style, the interior is divided into five distinct, themed “neighborhoods” and features many of the stylistic details and adornments that the company

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Salisbury Mall/West End Plaza

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information to be found about this one, including who the original developer might have been (if anyone out there happens to know, please leave a comment). Despite its location at the intersection of two major roads, the mall’s distance from freeway access has been cited as being a possible

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Concord Mall

This mall was an unexpected treasure trove of vintage goodness! So many older storefronts, complete with some very unique label scars. Older planters, built-in seating, and display cabinets helped evoke some wonderfully nostalgic vibes, and the pyramid-shaped fountain-turned-planter was worth stopping to see in itself. Perhaps the most impressive and surprising aspect here is how

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