Mountaineer Mall

If you’re a fan of vintage retail aesthetics, visiting Mountaineer Mall in Morgantown, West Virginia is like opening a time capsule. From its brass rail fittings to its mirrored ceiling fixtures, you won’t have to look very hard to see 70s and 80s design in every direction. Where many malls receive at least minor updates over the course of their lifetimes, Mountaineer: remains delightfully untouched since its opening in 1975.

This was the final stop on a multi-mall road trip, and I arrived after dark, but judging from the number of empty storefronts inside, I don’t believe it would have mattered in terms of the level of activity. This was one case where I more or less knew what to expect going in, and I was neither surprised nor disappointed. This property had been popular enough to warrant getting an expansion in 1987, but its glory days would be short-lived as the competing Morgantown Mall would move in only a few miles away. By 2008, all four of the mall’s anchors had left, with many other retailers following suit around the same time. It’s current use seems to be more as an event center and indoor walking space.

Name: Mountaineer Mall
Location: Morgantown, WV
Developer: Laurel Development Company
Year Completed: 1975
Square Footage: 557,954 sq ft
Owner: ?

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