Johnstown Galleria

This property was the last stop on a lengthy road trip, and I had briefly considered skipping it altogether. I’m so glad perseverance and dedication to the cause won out! Much like Charlestowne in Illinois, this mall was a visual treat. Angled corridors, an abundant use of skylights, and a relatively updated aesthetic made it well worth visiting. Five anchors were originally planned, but only four were filled by Sears, The Bon-Ton, J.C. Penney, and Boscov’s.

The struggling mall stopped paying on its mortgage in October of 2019, with an outstanding debt of approximately $14.6 million. It was slated to go to tax sale on September 14th, but no additional information was available. One rather interesting redevelopment idea a portion of the mall being converted into a hydroponics facility.

Name: Johnstown Galleria
Location: Johnstown, PA
Developer: Zamias Services, Inc.
Year Completed: 1992
Square Footage: 894,646 sq ft
Owner: Deutsche Mortgage & Asset Receiving Corporation

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