Midway Mall

When it comes to disguising or downplaying the evidence that a given mall might be struggling to fill its leasable space, the vast majority seem distinctly unconcerned. Midway Mall in Elyria proved to be a notable exception to that trend. Through a combination of eye-catching panoramic murals and storefront displays consisting of furniture, greenery, and other items, Midway doesn’t feel dead in the same way that other centers can. Sure, the distinct lack of shoppers is always there to jolt the visitor back to reality, and there are other giveaways, like the “blank wall with a door in it” solution to a former anchor as well as food court spaces which are not as easily hidden. Even so, the effort is entirely commendable and gives the property a rather unique, ostensible character.

Midway’s ownership has been a bit of a revolving door since the turn of the millennium. From its development in 1966 until 2001, the property was operated by the Jacobs Group of Cleveland, but over the span of the next 19 years, it would change hands four more times.

Name: Midway Mall
Location: Elyria, OH
Developer: Richard E. Jacobs Company
Year Completed: 1966
Square Footage: 1,100,000 sq ft
Owner: Namdar Realty Group

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