ShoppingTown Mall

This mall has the distinction of losing 45 tenants within the span of one year. It was purchased by Moonbeam Capital Investments in 2014 and as of January 2020, is currently caught up in a battle between a bankruptcy filing and being seized by Onondaga County due to Moonbeam’s failure to pay $9.7 million in taxes.

Notable features here include a very Jules Verne-inspired copper facade, good use of skylights along the mall’s peaked ceilings, and some very clean, very working water features. Outside of that, it has a uniquely multi-generational feel, with some areas appearing to be untouched remnants from its earlier heyday and others looking undeniably newer. It currently stands anchorless, with only 5 remaining tenants.

Name: ShoppingTown Mall
Location: Dewitt, NY
Developer: Eagan Real Estate Inc.
Year Completed: 1975 (originally an open-air center built in 1954)
Square Footage: 988,054
Owner: Onondaga County, NY

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