Concord Mall

This mall was an unexpected treasure trove of vintage goodness! So many older storefronts, complete with some very unique label scars. Older planters, built-in seating, and display cabinets helped evoke some wonderfully nostalgic vibes, and the pyramid-shaped fountain-turned-planter was worth stopping to see in itself. Perhaps the most impressive and surprising aspect here is how well-kept it was, despite its vacancies and museum-like nature. It seems that all too often, a property’s condition ends up being a direct reflection of its occupancy, with fewer tenants translating into less resources being spent to maintain it. Definitely not the case with Concord, at least at the time of this visit (November 2019).

If you’re looking for more of a time capsule experience, I have yet to find a mall that rivals this one. Mountaineer in West Virginia would be a contender, but this one offered more of a complete experience, along with some very unique features and details.

Name: Concord Mall
Location: Elkhart, IN
Developer: Robert E. Fryling, Inc.
Year Completed: 1972
Square Footage: 528,300 ft2
Owner: Triyar

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