Salisbury Mall/West End Plaza

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information to be found about this one, including who the original developer might have been (if anyone out there happens to know, please leave a comment). Despite its location at the intersection of two major roads, the mall’s distance from freeway access has been cited as being a possible contributor to its decline. Visitors might be welcomed by the sight and sound of an operational fountain just outside the mall’s entrance, but once inside, there was precious little to satiate those hungering for a helping of retail therapy. The palm trees were an interesting touch, and several of the former storefronts boasted some unique aesthetics. The property is currently owned by the county in which it is located, and there are ongoing efforts to repurpose the space, including offering the newly-renovated former JCPenney location as a 33,800 square foot Events Center. More recently, the parking lot has been used as a COVID-19 drive-up testing site.

Name: Salisbury Mall/West End Plaza
Location: Salisbury, NC
Developer: ??
Year Completed: 1986
Square Footage: ~120,000 ft2
Owner: Rowan County, NC

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