Project: Archives Update: 2017 and beyond

Project: Archives post – those of you who follow my Facebook page might have caught a brief mention of this several weeks ago alongside a confirmation that P:A would be continuing. That is, in fact, very much the case – I still have far too much music that has been languishing in the vaults all these years that I’d like to share with you. I knew I would be facing a challenge when it came to my older vocal material, as the vast majority of these tracks were never recorded at all in a studio setting, and the ones that were are painfully flawed in terms of quality and/or fidelity. Removing tape hiss and applying a little mastering-based polish is one thing: repairing lost sections, correcting clipped audio, and fixing poor performances or mixes is something else entirely, and I would want those recordings to be presented to you with at least the same degree of listenability as the ones that I’ve posted so far. What this means is that I will need to completely rebuild and re-record everything the way that I did with “Sleepless,” “The Night Hounds,” and “Marigold.” While I’m very excited about the prospect of doing that – especially at the thought of finally having some of this music recorded in a tangible way for the first time – it will simply require more hours than 2017 has left. So with that in mind… Over the next several weeks, I will be focusing on finishing music videos for all of the remaining P:A tracks that I’ve posted so far. I’m also working on putting together an EP of existing vocal material that will be officially released through my Bandcamp page. And finally, some of you might recall that Subtle Inversion’s Kaleidoscope album was discontinued a little earlier in the year. There was a very good reason for that: Kaleidoscope is being remastered and reissued in an expanded form, which will include all of its original tracks as well as everything that would have been on the Prism EP, had it been released. As far as 2018 goes, lots of good things in the works. 🙂 Project: Archives will continue, and I look forward to sharing it all with you! Thanks for reading and for your continued support.]]>

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