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Home Circle Media and everything else that happens during a typical week/month/year, it always seems to get pushed aside, despite how much I might want to be more active with it. As a result (and especially in anticipation of the upcoming Project: Archives activity) I’m officially changing course and discontinuing my attempts at maintaining the kind of experience or insight-based blog that I’ve had in the past – it will transition over to being a News feed, effective immediately. I think this is simply one more way of refocusing my efforts to where I believe they should be right now – on my music. The older posts will stay where they are in the archives, so you’ll still be able to find and read them if you’d like, but there will be a new set of categories and system for searching that centers around songs, albums, etc.   Thanks!]]>

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2 thoughts on “Changes To My Blog”

  1. I like your insights, so that’s kind of a bummer, but I’m looking forward to what ever you’ll be posting in the future. =)

    1. I still may post a few commentary-oriented things here and there but I really wanted to refocus the site on just my creative activities. The travel features were always fun to do – may still need an outlet for those! 🙂

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