After The Ball

After The Ball

Archives than just my early instrumental work? Take this week’s song choice as a case in point. “After The Ball” is a previously unreleased Parlormuse track as well as the very first song I chose to play through in my collection of antique sheet music back in 2007. It’s a delightfully romantic – yet ultimately tragic – piece, and the version I’ve presented here hasn’t been modernized in the way that the other songs on “It’s Not The Coat Makes The Gentleman” were. Dust off your tophats, gents, and ladies, kindly don your ball gowns. We’re heading back to the late 19th century for a glimpse at one of the period’s most popular and enduring songs. [pods name=”song” slug=”1336″ template=”Song Single”]

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2 thoughts on “After The Ball”

  1. The Victorians certainly did love their tragedies! I like the fact that the lyrics are rather layered in this one. If you only hear the first and second verses, it’s a story of a broken heart, but add in the third verse and you get a story of TWO broken hearts!

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