Midnight Syndicate


Subtle Inversion

The Brimstone Club

Since 1997, Midnight Syndicate has been creating original soundtracks for the imagination, combining darkly orchestrated music with immersive sound effects. The duo’s music has been featured in haunted attractions both across the country and abroad.

Parlormuse explores the popular music of the Victorian Era (late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) through uniquely nostalgic arrangements that also incorporate early electronic instruments from the 1920s and 1930s.

Originally a vocaloid-centered project with the goal of merging Japanese and Western pop and rock stylings, Subtle Inversion’s musical scope has since expanded to include both darker as well as more retro-infused electronic influences.

Instrumental orchestral music to accompany your darkest nightmares.

Authentic Victorian era music with a modern twist.

Independent electro-rock that crosses the continents.

Project: Archives


Early recordings and unreleased material

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