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Hello and welcome! The title of this blog may be “Art and Artistry,” but my goal is to explore those terms in a broader way that may not always fit with traditional concepts or definitions. Categorizing the creative efforts of a painter or sculptor as art may seem entirely natural to many of us, but what about less formal pursuits like preparing a meal and decorating one’s own home? Are these things inherently less artistic by nature? I would argue that they are not – it all depends on the perspective of the observer.

I think that art can be found in many endeavors and areas of life, and can be both intentional and unintended. A writer who sits down to craft a novel may be intentionally striving to produce a work of art, but a musician serenading his or her friends beside a campfire one evening may yield something no less beautiful without specifically thinking of it as an artistic act. One of the reasons I love to travel is because it puts me in touch with places, people, and things that I haven’t experienced before. Everything has its own beauty if you’re willing and able to look for it, even if it’s not immediately obvious. This blog will explore the beauty that I’ve found throughout my travels, as well as those very close to home. My hope is that you can share in these experiences and offer your own insights and thoughts as well.

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