Morning Fog

About the Song

I used to dabble in landscape photography many years ago, before digital completely took over the market and smart phones made owning a dedicated camera – at least for the general populace – more or less redundant. Back then, my studio walls would have been decorated with a variety of Ansel Adams prints to serve as both inspiration and encouragement on my path to mastering f-stops, filter types, and exposure settings. It was the work of another photographer, however, that inspired me to set down my camera and fire up the musical equipment once more in order to try and represent the stunning natural beauty I had seen in books like “Uncommon Places” in musical form. That artist was David Muench. David’s work is both strikingly bold and colorful as well as deceptively simple and nuanced in the way that it captures naturally-occuring geometric forms and textures. Whether its the majestic power of a mountain range set against the backdrop of an azure-toned sky or the delicate moodiness of a sunset over a desolate estuary, each scene resonates with its own personality and story.

I can’t recall the exact year that I started writing for this project, but I’m fairly certain it was sometime during the later 1990s. Two songs were completed, but once again, the project was quickly scrapped because my attention and efforts were being pulled in other directions. Neither of the songs were ever recorded until 2007, when I included them in a compilation of digitally remastered early recordings and rare tracks to celebrate my 20th anniversary as a songwriter.┬áDespite the long gap between writing and recording “Morning Fog,” I always knew what I wanted the arrangement to sound like, and can still picture the image that inspired it in my mind.


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