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Mystic Visions, my fourth collection of songs, was a rather strange creature. With each of my previous song collections, the instrumentation and approach to writing tended to remain fairly consistent throughout, but this one seems to undergo a bit of a personality shift about midway through.

I still had the use of the Roland Juno-1[egg id=”5″]6 synth that played such a critical role onĀ The Lost City, and had recently acquired a Tama Techstar electronic drum kit, which features prominently on the earlier tracks in this collection. I had the opportunity to borrow yet another piece of equipment while I was recording – a Roland TR-series drum machine – and decided to dive right in with it, as I felt I had definitely pushed the limits of my portable Yamaha’s drum capabilities about as far as they could go. The difference that the TR made, both sonically and in terms of my writing, was profound. Not only did it sound much more realistic, it also allowed me to construct songs based on changeable patterns that could be set out in advance (i.e. verses, choruses, breaks, etc.).

This song became a frequent set opener for the live performances I began doing around this time. It has an immediacy about it that is unique when compared to most of the other songs I had written up to this point. It’s fairly short and has a very familiar, identifiable structure – the complete antithesis of this album’s title track, which meanders around in stream-of-consciousness New Age style for nearly 12-1/2 minutes!

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