Grave Encounter

About the Song

I have to tip my hat to some of my fellow musician friends in high school for generously lending me some of their equipment while I was writing and recording these early song collections. Case in point: the old Digitech delay responsible for creating the sweeping effect that is such an essential component of this song. One of the greatest challenges of recording back then (1987) was the fact that I didn’t have any way of sequencing or multi-tracking instruments. Everything had to be played live in real time by yours truly, and if my fingers happened to get a little tangled up during a song, I was faced with the difficult decision of either scrapping the take completely and redoing it or letting it go “as is.”

Despite the fact that none of these songs were ever tangibly released in specific, collected forms, I always thought of them as belonging to specific “albums” as I was writing them, and compiled them on their original cassettes that way. For example, this track appears on my second song collection (or “album”), The Bard’s Tale. Since I wasn’t able to rearrange the songs in a given collection after the fact – at least not without adding a lot of extra tape hiss from copying them back and forth – I had to think ahead in terms of pacing and song selection. As a result, each collection was essentially compiled as I went along, starting with the opening selection and continuing on in sequence until the end.

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