Gossamer (Velvet & Steel Mix)

About the Song

As I’ve mentioned previously with the Spark remix, my goal when doing these alternate mixes is to see how creative I can get with only the materials at hand, using only the original instrument and vocal tracks and manipulating or processing them in various ways. This version of Kaleidoscope’s “Gossamer” found me slicing and dicing the drum track up in various ways, processing some of the edits, and then layering it all back on top of itself again to create a shifting, multi-textural canvas that employs a half-time feel instead of the more percolating character of the original. The rest of the instruments were given more of a spatial treatment, and the vocal was doubled back on itself with an extended reverb tail that nicely fills in the remaining space.

I’ve found that the remixes I enjoy the most from other artists tend to fall into one of two categories. Either they take the song’s elements and rearrange them, extending sections and muting certain things at some points while using processors to achieve certain creative effects, or (in the case of the vast majority of Nine Inch Nails remixes) they completely reinvent the song by radically twisting and manipulating its elements in ways that often bear only a passing resemblance to the original tracks. While Spark’s remix would probably fall more into the category of the former, I would say this one definitely employs more techniques from the latter, although not quite to the same extreme.

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