G.A.Boeckling March

About the Song

The name George Arthur Boeckling may not be familiar to many people, but it’s a name that fans of Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio may want to remember. Boeckling was the president of Cedar Point Pleasure Company (which later became Cedar Fair Entertainment Company) and is credited with saving the park during its dark days around the turn of the 20th century and spearheading its transformation into the successful, nationally-renowned entertainment destination that we know it as today. In 1909, a 2000-passenger steamer was built and named in his honor to ferry passengers between Sandusky and Cedar Point until the time of its retirement in 1951^.

Leopold Adler served as the director for Cedar Point’s orchestra from 1914 through 1919^. He composed this piece in 1916 and performed it at every concert he directed in the park’s landmark Coliseum, which can still be seen standing today. I wasn’t able to turn up an original recording with the full orchestra, so I took what was essentially a standard piano arrangement and added several tracks of Novachord accompaniment alongside the Slingerland Radio King, which technically postdates it, but was as close as I could get in terms of vintage drums. I had originally intended on posting this Parlormuse song as a social media wrap up to Midnight Syndicate’s 2014 Halloweekends performances, but acquired the sheet music just before our run ended and wasn’t able to get it arranged and recorded in time.


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