The Forgotten Room

About the Song

Despite the fact that they were recorded only months apart, the sonic difference between my second and third song collections is definitely noticeable. This was mainly due to the addition of a classic Roland Juno-106 synthesizer to my equipment arsenal. The portable Yamaha that had featured prominently in my previous work was very limited in its ability to edit sounds, and completely lacked the capability to save or store them. That meant that any customizations had to be recreated manually, and although I had a simple system for recording the slider positions, this limitation provided enough incentive to make sure I got a usable take of a given song before moving on. The Juno was not only far more programmable, it also had built-in memory which allowed sounds to be stored and recalled with the press of a button or two. What this allowed me to do from a performance perspective is switch sounds during a song – something that would have previously required some very fast fingers and a section that didn’t require much playing.

This track showcases my New Age influences – it’s meditatively moody and lacks any kind of rhythmic elements. My intention with songs like this was to evoke the spirit or feel of a particular place, even if that place existed only in my imagination.

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