Darken Wood

About the Song

Let it never be said that inspiration doesn’t strike when you least expect it – I believe this song was the direct result of a sound programming session. I had been taking some time to explore the Juno-106’s programmability and seeing what kinds of crazy sounds I could come up with when I happened upon this dense, somewhat-gritty combination that had a super short decay and release. It reminded me of the synth equivalent of a slap bass, so I started playing around with a very funk-inspired, octave-jumping bassline, throwing in occasional chord stabs in the upper registers. The result was rather groovy and fun, but it hardly made for a complete song. The Juno was fairly limited in terms of splitting up the keyboard with different sounds, so any melodic components would’ve needed to be covered by my trusty Yamaha portable. Thankfully, I was able to route the Yamaha through the Digitech delay to give it a little dimension and sustain, which contrasts nicely against the completely dry bass and stab sections. Despite it being a very late addition to The Lost City (it’s the eleventh track on the album), this was the first time I heard more than just a passing acknowledgement from some of my friends and family members. Where a lot of my previous music had probably come off as being a bit too esoteric for most audiences, this one seemed to find some familiar ground and was actually requested at a number of my performances.

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