The Night Hounds

Here’s another ghostly tale from the Archives – this one involving a pack of spectral hounds that haunts the English moors. Unlike many of my other vocal songs, I had a very clear idea of what the arrangement for this one would sound like while I was writing it, although it translated surprisingly well to piano when I performed it at my Southwest Cafe show in 1997. Far from the haunting, atmospheric strains of “Marigold,” this track offers up more than a passing nod to the hard rock and metal stylings of the 1980s. It was a blast to write in a genre that would normally fall well outside my wheelhouse – especially being primarily a keyboardist – although I can’t say that I’ll be putting out any full-length metal albums in the very near future. XD Andy LaRocque riffs these are most certainly not…regardless, I hope you have fun with it!

Year Composed: 2017

About the Song

For some reason that may only be known to the ubiquitous cosmic forces, 1997 was my year for writing ghost story songs. Perhaps it was an unintentional precursor to the work I would be doing the following year as part of Midnight Syndicate, but my muse seemed quite compelled to pull me over into the shadowy realms for a brief period of time. “The Night Hounds” is based on an English legend involving a pack of pitch-black canines that are said to roam the desolate moors late at night hunting for prey. I performed this song only once, as part of my Southwest Cafe set, and much like “Marigold,” it never got a proper studio recording until just recently. I always had a very clear idea of how the arrangement would play out for this one. It’s definitely a throwback to the hard rock and heavy metal of the 1980s in a lot of ways, but also manages to work in a progressive element every now and again – the 3/4 time signature switches in particular.


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