Spirits in the Night

The Haunt was my way of testing whether or not I could still write simpler, more atmospheric songs following the relative complexity and more structured approach of Mystic Visions. “Spirits in the Night,” the lead-off track, is a great example of this kind of return to form. This would be the last song collection to feature my original Yamaha portable keyboard – it was subsequently traded in for an upgraded model with full-size keys. A necessary step to be sure, but I definitely missed the slider-based sound programming!

Year Composed: 1987

About the Song

Continuing our story from last post, I came away from Mystic Visions with a strong desire to get back to my roots – to simplify things and refocus on creating the kind of experimental, imagination-driven music that had originally drawn me into songwriting. The result of this effort was The Haunt – a collection of songs that sounds like it was created well before the days of the more elaborate, structured arrangements of its predecessor. This was the only time in my musical life that I deliberately attempted to move backwards in order to recapture something that I feared I might be losing. The experiment proved successful, and I still look back on this time with a kind of melancholic fondness. Little did I know it, but both my equipment roster and my approach to writing were on the verge of major transformation. This was the swan song for my faithful Yamaha portable – the keyboard that served as a valuable introduction to sound programming as well as my primary songwriting and recording tool.

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