It just wouldn’t be October without a little ghostly tale to liven up your listening! Thanks for your patience and understanding with getting this one posted. Unlike the vast majority of Project: Archives posts, which simply involve remastering existing recordings, this is a completely new arrangement and recording. I had been performing this song live for a number of years, but always in a very stripped down way that didn’t represent what I had in mind for the full arrangement. My original plan for this post was to do more of a studio demo version – more or less a one-take kind of thing with just a piano – but I started digging into possible sounds and before I knew it, this entire arrangement had mysteriously appeared!

Year Composed: 2017

About the Song

I love a good ghost story. I used to have the entire collection of Haunted Ohio books and would spend hours poring through them, planning out possible ghost hunting expeditions and really just immersing myself in the tales that author Chris Woodyard had collected over the years. I ran across what turned out to be a very common tale – some might classify this as more of an urban legend, in fact, than a true ghost story – about a phantom hitchhiker encountered along the roadside, and immediately my songwriting instincts kicked in. I used to perform this song back-to-back with another ghostly composition toward the end of my coffee house sets, but quickly decided that it might all be a bit too much for audiences who might not be expecting to hear that kind of darkly intense material while they were sipping their favorite beverage. As a result, I split the two up, with Marigold appearing either in my first set (if I would be playing more than one), or earlier on in general, so that there was enough of a break between them.

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Dave Baumgardner

Love this song…..hauntingly awesome!

Dave Baumgardner

awesomely haunting!