Less Than One Week To Go!

The archive doors will finally be sawed open in less than one week! It’s been a lot of fun revisiting this material, and I hope that you’ll enjoy hearing it as well. There are a couple of quick reminders I wanted to post before we get into it, with the hope of avoiding confusion and maybe answering a question or two in advance.

The music that you’ll be hearing was written and recorded a long time ago – between 1987 and 1990, for the most part – using home-grade equipment with practically no engineering skills. It represents a stage of my musical life when I was exploring, experimenting, and finding my own creative feet. As with probably anything, there are moments that I can look back on and still be proud of, while others that might warrant a bit of an eye roll and a laugh in hindsight. This is NOT an indication of where I’m heading – it’s a snapshot of where I’ve been. TheĀ things that inspired me and influenced my work back then have changed quite a bit from what inspires and influences me now. In particular, fantasy and the Dungeons & Dragons game played major roles in my life, and I was listening to an awful lot of New Age, traditional Irish, and mainstream pop music.

I’ll be offering commentaries along with the songs to give some perspective and insight on them, but please feel free to drop me a line (or a comment) if you have a question or would simply like to offer some feedback.


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Lisa V,

awesome- can’t wait! =) Those are some interesting influences.


I miss the old folk and New Age radio shows they used to have on college radio. I remember falling asleep with my headphones on quite a number of times!