Complete Unearthed Arcana and The Bard’s Tale Tracks

I had been going back and forth about whether to post all the tracks from each of my early song collections, but decided that there was really no good reason not to do so. So this week I’ll be doing just that, starting with Unearthed Arcana and The Bard’s Tale on Thursday, The Lost City and Mystic Visions (possibly The Haunt as well) on Friday, and the rest on Saturday. I won’t be doing music videos for each of these songs. Not only would that involve a crazy amount of work and time, it was never my intention to feature each of the songs here – I simply wanted to offer up a track or two from each collection to give you, the listener, some perspective on my state of development as a songwriter and recording engineer at each respective point in time.

The direct links to each album are given below. You can listen to each track by clicking on its respective name.

Unearthed Arcana

The Bard’s Tale

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