The Ancient Ruins of the Druids

This week’s Archive offering invokes mist-filled landscapes and ancient mysteries – deep, serene forests where the voices of those who lived long, long ago might still be heard if you listen closely enough.

Year Composed: 1988

About the Song

Panoramia’s closing track was another unusual venture for me with respect to song structure. It consists of three sections, but has no definable chorus – simply a verse that repeats as the song develops melodically and dynamically. The intro/outro section establishes the mood and serves as a way of winding everything down at the end, but the bulk of the piece relies on the repeated verse section and its mournfully impassioned melody line to tell the story. Midway through, an abrupt change in mood signals the arrival of the third section: an extended bridge that offers a break from the bittersweet melancholy of the first half. I think a lot of what makes this song effective is the sharp contrast that third section provides and how sudden the change is: right in the middle of the verse’s otherwise-predictable phrase. Without it, “The Ancient Ruins of the Druids” may have worked well enough as a moodier, darker piece, but the bridge offers another side to this musical story – a necessary contrast that brings an element of curiosity and energizing mystery before the story returns to its familiar, characteristic path.


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