Project: Archives

Project_Archives_KeyboardProject: Archives encompasses recordings that I did many, many years ago which have not been publicly available until now. The original masters for most of these recordings are in the form of cassette tapes, and it is not uncommon for background noise, glitches, pops and distortion, or other anomalies to be present despite my best attempts at audio restoration. These songs were originally recorded using amateur-to-midrange equipment at best and with almost no knowledge of professional mixing and mastering techniques. I am presenting them here simply for your enjoyment and/or amusement and as a way of preserving my history and growth as both a musician and as an artist in a tangible form.




Images of Autumn

Year Completed: 1988


Year Completed: 1988


Year Completed: 1988

The Haunt

Year Completed: 1987

Mystic Visions

Year Completed: 1987

The Lost City

Year Completed: 1987

The Bard's Tale

Year Completed: 1987

Unearthed Arcana

Year Completed: 1987

A Time of Legends


Chill Winds

Chivalry and Sorcery

Darken Wood

Dragon's Lair

Drunken Sailor

Grave Encounter

Legends and Lore

Machine (Electric Groove)

Memories of Summer

Spirits in the Night

The Ancient Ruins of the Druids

The Ascent of Mt. Sneffels

The Book of Magic

The Forgotten Room

The Journey Begins

The Kynge's Delyghte