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Gavin Goszka has been involved in music in one form or another since age seven. His formal training began on a classic Hammond organ, which also marked his first ventures into the world of public performance. He began studying percussion during high school and continued this training into college, where he also learned voice and piano during his tenure at Baldwin-Wallace University’s renowned Conservatory of Music. He is self-taught on bass and guitar.

Gavin began writing and recording his own songs at age 17, primarily inspired by the lush sonic landscapes of New Age artists like Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, but also drawing heavily on his love of traditional Irish music. In 1988, he began writing original vocal music that blended traditional pop and rock fare with more progressive influences. One of his instrumental compositions, “The Journey Begins,” won Honorable Mention in a 1988 national songwriter’s competition, and he continued writing both exclusively instrumental as well as vocal music into the next decade.

The 1990s found Gavin moving away from the New Age leanings of his earlier work and focusing more on developing his own identity and voice as a singer-songwriter. The decade also found him exploring a wide range of musical projects and genres, including cover bands and solo coffee house performances, the dance-pop outfits SuburbanBoys and twoSIDES, and the gothic orchestral project that would become the source of the vast majority of his publicly-released output, Midnight Syndicate.

In 2007, Gavin decided to parlay his fascination with Victorian-era popular music into Parlormuse, a project that puts a modern spin on authentic late 19th and early 20th century music. 2010 saw him working alongside Japanese vocaloid sensation Megurine Luka as part of Subtle Inversion, a project that blends the energetic electronic leanings of J-Pop with American pop and rock stylings. [egg id=”1″]

With 2017 marking his 30th anniversary as a songwriter, Gavin will be releasing a vast catalog of previously-unheard music that spans his entire songwriting career as Project: Archives – an undertaking that will encompass the early instrumental recordings as well as later vocal works.