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Hello all,

I wanted to take a quick second here to explain a couple of the new features here on the site. If you look under the “Account” drop down menu, you’ll see a link to sign up for an account along with a link to a page that explains what registering allows you to do. In short: I’ve added a rating feature for each song and album, so you can offer up your own feedback and let me know what you like and don’t like. There’s also the ability to “favorite” songs and albums and compile (and view) a list of these favorites within your account. Given the number of songs that will be appearing here very shortly, I thought that might come in very handy in terms of keeping track of the ones you might want to listen to again.

You can view my videos, listen to songs, etc. without registering – it simply allows you the ability to interact with the site in a more personal way. Other features will be coming down the road as well to increase and improve this interactivity.

I’m looking forward to opening those archive doors and finally getting this Project: Archives music out there!

Thanks for reading,
~ G

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Lisa V,

I can’t wait to hear those songs! =) Great idea to have a “favorites” list as well.


Thanks! I really wanted to allow users to create custom playlists, so that they could simply click and drag the songs the liked into a jukebox-style player, but that’s a little trickier to accomplish. Haven’t given up on it, though!