2017: The Closing Chapter

I don’t normally feel inclined to post year-end reviews or wrap-ups. Everyone experiences their own share of ups and downs – triumphs and disappointments – in a given year, and I suppose that when I’ve looked back on my own each December, I’ve always categorized them as being more commonplace and ordinary than not. That being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to call out the year 2017 as being one of the most personally fulfilling, educational, and revealing periods of time in recent memory. This year seemed to offer up an unusual abundance of life lessons, but if […]


Project: Archives Update: 2017 and beyond

Hello! I know it’s been a while since my last official Project: Archives post – those of you who follow my Facebook page might have caught a brief mention of this several weeks ago alongside a confirmation that P:A would be continuing. That is, in fact, very much the case – I still have far too much music that has been languishing in the vaults all these years that I’d like to share with you. I knew I would be facing a challenge when it came to my older vocal material, as the vast majority of these tracks were never […]



Happy Halloween! This song could typically be found at the very end of my coffee house sets, and would’ve been the show closer if I always hadn’t felt that leaving audiences on such a disturbingly discordant note was more than a little inappropriate for the setting. Easily my most vocally dynamic song to date, it tells the tale of a endlessly repeating tragic scene that haunts the singer at night. Unable to escape, he finds his very sanity at a breaking point as he begs for release from his unfortunate fate.

The Night Hounds

The Night Hounds

Here’s another ghostly tale from the Archives – this one involving a pack of spectral hounds that haunts the English moors. Unlike many of my other vocal songs, I had a very clear idea of what the arrangement for this one would sound like while I was writing it, although it translated surprisingly well to piano when I performed it at my Southwest Cafe show in 1997. Far from the haunting, atmospheric strains of “Marigold,” this track offers up more than a passing nod to the hard rock and metal stylings of the 1980s. It was a blast to write […]



It just wouldn’t be October without a little ghostly tale to liven up your listening! Thanks for your patience and understanding with getting this one posted. Unlike the vast majority of Project: Archives posts, which simply involve remastering existing recordings, this is a completely new arrangement and recording. I had been performing this song live for a number of years, but always in a very stripped down way that didn’t represent what I had in mind for the full arrangement. My original plan for this post was to do more of a studio demo version – more or less a […] Podcast

Podcast #2 – Wanting, Wavering

Bad creative decisions, grade school theater trauma, the joys of being a Dungeon Master, and a Project: Archives confession, all in a single (albeit lengthy) podcast. Did I mention the fact that this is probably the most talking I’ve ever done in a single recorded sitting? Yeah…and there might have been a few quasi-emotional moments along the way as well. Enjoy! ūüėÄ

Complete Unearthed Arcana and The Bard’s Tale Tracks

I had been going back and forth about whether to post all the tracks from each of my early song collections, but decided that there was really no good reason not to do so. So this week I’ll be doing just that, starting with¬†Unearthed Arcana¬†and¬†The Bard’s Tale¬†on Thursday,¬†The Lost City¬†and¬†Mystic Visions (possibly¬†The Haunt¬†as well) on Friday, and the rest on Saturday. I won’t be doing music videos for each of these songs. Not only would that involve a crazy amount of work and time, it was never my intention to¬†feature¬†each of the songs here – I simply wanted to offer […]